607 flipbooks

We had a blast at Maker Faire the weekend of May 3rd and 4th.

See us at Maker Faire!
18,000 pages in two days!
We recorded and printed 607 flipbooks in two days. That's over an hour of video, recorded in six second chunks. 607 flipbooks means people cut out and assembled over 18,000 individual flipbook pages, an impressive display of dexterity and patience.

The response to F2F has been gratifying. It was fun seeing people get goofy in front of a camera. Several have emailed kind words since Maker Faire. Thank you all. We are glad so many enthusiastic makers stopped by to record a video clip and even stuck around to cut and assemble their flipbooks.

a couple nice pages of fellow makers:
Flickr photos


print more copies of your Maker Faire flipbook
We hope to soon make color copies of the flipbooks recorded at Maker Faire available for purchase online so that people can print more copies at home. Once we get that ready, we will email those who signed up to be notified.

flipbook software
Many have asked if they can get a copy of the software. The F2F software was designed more for an exhibit setting, not so much for personal use. It also requires a lot of tender care to get it to work right. We don't have plans to make the software available to individuals. However, there are several good options for you to make more of your own flipbooks:

FlipBook for Macintosh - prints QuickTime files as flipbook sheets
motionbox - online service to print flipbooks
flipclips - another online service

more flipbook sites:

more moving picture stuff
Museum of the Moving Image
Video Streamer
An Informal Catalogue of Slit-Scan Video Artworks and Research
slitscans on Flickr
mutoscopes - very long flipbooks

setting up and making at Maker Faire:  
setup1 our lovely fence
setup1 elegant, eh
setup1 ready to go
setup1 rehearsal
setup1 lights, camera, ...
setup1 action
setup1 ta da
setup1 hello camera
setup1 tail of the
assembly line
setup1 it's a wrap